Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekly Wrap up!

Summer is here! I just wish someone would tell the weather man. We have had a fun week so far. The kids are both doing well with their daily reading time, and getting lots of stickers for their efforts. I also put together a summer adventure box. The theme is weather by the kids request. I got the idea for this over at The Homeschool Classroom.
We have only used it two days so far, but the kids are enjoying it anyways. On Monday I attempted to start potty training Buttercup. Needless to say it was a no go, and she begged for her diapers back. She has absolutely no interest in Potty training, which is very different for me since Sweetpea and Buster were both trained by her age. Oh well I'm not going to stress over it at this point. I also discovered a free math program online this week. It is called MEP, and it is a maths program used in England. You can use and print it all for free. After looking it over I was intrigued, so I printed out some lessons. Buster, and Sweetpea have been doing it with me for 2 days, and so far it is going well. Sweetpea told me it was better than her other math because it was so fun. Buster does well with it, but it is school work so he is not singing the praises. I think the best thing about it is it makes you think outside the box. I have been doing it with both kids together. We are going over math concepts with manipulatives first and then they do separate worksheets with me. Anyways if we like it we will continue it along side Horizons this coming school year. Daddy and Buster have one more chapter in their Science book to cover, but other than that everything we are doing is pretty laid back for the summer. Tomorrow we are just going to go hang out with my sister and her kids.
Our Weather stuff!

Sweetpea doing her MEP math!

My almost 7 year old playing with cars.

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Hodgepodgemom said...

A summer adventure box sounds like a great idea! Oh... and potty training. We are about to head into that season as well. I was waiting for summer and after VBS week :) Blessings on your efforts!

Giggly Girls said...

Cool box!!!

My tot is the same way with potty training. She does ask to go, sits long enough for her bottom to touch the seat, and then jumps off declaring happily, "yet's fush potty." LOL Big sis was soooo easy.

Jennifer said...

That adventure box looks so fun! It's making me want to put something together for my kids. . .not sure what theme to do yet though.

Wonder Mom said...

I just ADORE that Summer Adventure Box idea...I do believe I will be getting ours ready for school as it ends for us in a couple of weeks...Fun!

Lisa said...

I am on the TOS Crew blog walk.

I love the summer adventure box idea. My girls would love it. Weather would be perfect for us this year since we have had so many tornado warnings.