Friday, February 25, 2011

MathRider! TOS Review!

Are you looking for a fun, and engaging way for your kids to practice their math facts? If you answered yes you may want to check out MathRider. When your child plays they enter the adventure world of The Mathlands, and ride their horse on noble quests all while learning and practicing the four operations of math. You as the parent can select the operation you want your child to work on, and then they can embark on a new quest. Each quest starts out with a short intro story and then as you progress you hear more.

Each ride is basically the same except for the background image changing. The horse runs across the bottom of the screen and as you type, then enter the answers to the coming facts(located below the gates) your horse jumps the gates. If you get the answer wrong the horse stops for a second and the correct answer is told to the child. The first time Buster tried it he could not figure out why it was saying he was getting the answers wrong, but he did not realize he had to push enter after he typed the answer. The game tracks what problems are missed, and it repeats facts as necessary. It also starts at easy and slowly gets harder based on your child's answers.
As your child works through a quest they are shown this map at the end of each ride. It shows them their progress, and how much farther until they reach their destination. Parents are also able to track their child's complete progress including frequently missed facts, and mastery level achieved.

MathRider sells as a download for $49.95, and is currently on sale for $37.00. You can find out more on their website, or by watching the video below:
Overall I felt like MathRider was a decent program, and Buster enjoyed it. My only complaint would be that the quests did not have much variety. Other than that we found it easy to use, and helpful for math fact practice.

MathRider was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.

Easy to use

A bit on the pricey side
A bit repetitive

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