Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crazy Week!

We had somewhat of a crazy week. Buster has an abscessed tooth, and he will be having it worked on tomorrow. Sweetpea stepped on a nail, and is now taking antibiotics to prevent infection. Buttercup cut her finger with an empty can. Despite all that we were able to get through our school week fairly well.
Today Buddy had his dedication at our church!

Daddy finished the first chapter of Zoology 1 with the kids, and we went on a scavenger hunt on Friday!

Sweetpea is trying out Time4Learning preschool, so I can review it, and hopefully I will actually start trying Peterson Directed Handwriting this week too.


LadyJ said...

Love the pics. Buddy is so big now :)

A family being transformed said...

What a beautiful family.

See you all soon.

Hugs from the North,

Apryl said...

Just wanted to let you know, you won a little blog award: