Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap up!

Week 4:
We had yet another semi crazy week. Sweetpea broke out with a itchy rash starting on Sunday. I realized on Monday that it was fifths disease. A few of her cousins had it earlier this month. Buster had a baby molar pulled out on Monday. He did great but we didn't do any school Monday because he was a bit loopy. On Tuesday Buster noticed that Sweetpea had a blister on her gums by her dead front tooth. My husband took her to the dentist, and she has an abscess also. We are still trying to get her in to have it pulled. This is one of her front top teeth that she fell on while we were camping last September. We were able to do school the rest of the week, and it went fairly well except for Buster fighting me over math on Tuesday. Some highlights:
We started Stories of the Pilgrims.
Buster finished his Columbus reader and started Sam the Minuteman.
Sweetpea started reading out of Phonics Pathways. She learned about ck words this week.
Buster started Petersons Directed Handwriting with me, and he enjoyed it.
We took a drive through Wildlife Safari.
The kids got to go see Peter Pan at our Community College with my husband. They loved it, and I was surprised they sat through all 3 hours of it.
Sweetpea and Buster both past to the next level in swim lessons.
I hope you all had a great week!
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Cheryl said...

Ouch, rough week. I hope next week is smoother for everyone.

Jennifer said...

awww, poor sweetie. hope next week is better for everyone.

Kash said...

Oh no, a rough start to the week! It sounds like you still got quite a bit accomplished, though!

Samantha said...

Sounds like a bit of a bummer week but it sounds like it had good highlights as well. My kids all took swim lessons for years and now they are all on a USA swim team! I hope this week has less stress and sickness for you.