Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap up!

Beyond week 1:
We had an awesome week! I can not say enough about how much we all enjoyed Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory. Both Buster and Sweetpea enjoyed everything we did from the guide. I only heard one complaint when I said we were going to make a timeline, and that was because Buster didn't know what it was. He did get in trouble for it though complaining is not tolerated around here. Other than that it was so nice hearing the kids ask for more. I will give you a quick run down of our week:
Bible Verse for the week: Psalms 4:8
"I will both lie down in peace, and sleep;
For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety."
Bible: Psalms 4:8, Hide Em in Your Heart vol. 2 song 20(the kids really enjoyed this CD, Morning Bells, Psalms 18: 1-6.
Math: Sweetpea is doing Singapore Math 1a right now along with the Math Exploration included in BLHFHG. We practiced number words with cards, counting and numbers to 10, greater than less than, number sequence, and adding to six( with marshmallows as bunnies in a garden)
Buster is doing Singapore Math 2a, and I'm using the HIG for him. We did review of place value, greater than less than, and place value to one hundred. I also quizzed him on his addition facts, which he has pretty much down. Buster loved all the little games in the HIG.
History: We started reading American Pioneers and Patriots, and read about Columbus and sailing ships, and three stories about two children sailing from Spain. We also started our timeline.
Geography: I taped a big circle on the floor for the world and we practiced continent names by placing papers around that had the names on them.
State Study: We read about Delaware, colored a map, and did State motto Copywork.
President Study: This week was George Washington. We read about him, and copied a quote from him.
Story Time: We are reading "Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims" for our first read aloud. It is our Biography choice. Buster is really enjoying this book, and with the help of HOD suggestions he was narrating by the end of our first week.
Poetry: We read "The Storm" this week, and the kids had fun acting it out everyday in different ways.
Art: For art we are using "Great American Artists for Kids". The first one we studied John Singleton Copley, and the kids painted narrative paintings. Also Buster and Sweetpea drew pictures of Columbus from DWN, and made shield to go along with our Bible study.
Reading/Phonics: Buster did some work in ETC book 5, Sweetpea started crying every time she saw ETC book 1 this week, so we put it away temporarily. Instead we practiced reading with word cards, white board, or one of her readers.
Readers: Buster read out of CLP nature reader 2, History Stories for Children, a cute bible reader I found at Salvation Army, and started reading a book about Columbus.
Spelling: We used BLHFHG's spelling list a bit. Buster spelled the words from dictation, and Sweetpea read them to me. For our main spelling Buster is using All About Spelling. We are starting with level 1, because we haven't really done spelling before. It is pretty easy for him so far and we already made it to step 6. We both really enjoy it so far, and I would definitely recommend it. Sweetpea is eager to do it herself. I will start her on level one when Buster is done with it.
Grammar: Beyond has grammar once a week, and we did that orally as well as Primary Language lessons twice.
Music: We started listening to Wee Sing America
Handwriting: Buster and Sweetpea are both using Handwriting Without Tears. I just downloaded Peterson Directed Handwriting that we will begin soon for review.
Science: We did two experiments this week from our BLHFHG guide, and read out of "God's Wonderful Works". We learned about oceans and currents by putting a boat in a tub of water and moving it around by squirting water under it. We also learned about blubber. The kids coated one hand in butter and held them in cold water to see which one was colder. Both kids loved these experiments. Daddy also started reading from Zoology 1.

The kids learning about currents!

A car ramp Sweetpea made!

Coloring their shields.

God is our shield!
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