Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Wrap up!

Week 7:
I can't believe we are already 7 weeks into our school year. I'm still trying to get us into a good schedule though, since we started during the summer there has been some extra distractions. I will be starting Sweetpea in Little Hearts For His Glory on Monday. I should be getting a couple packages in the mail today, so we can. I wrote up a daily schedule for us to follow in order to fit in both guides. We have been using it for two days, and so far so good. Buster is a big schedule guy, and he keeps checking it to keep me on track. So onto the highlights of our week:
Buster learned how to borrow this week in math. I was anticipating it to be hard for him, but he had no problem with it. He also finished reading "George Washington and the Generals Dog" He really enjoyed it, and kept asking when it was reading time. I'm excited thathe is finally enjoying reading now. History seems to be his thing.

My husband took some school pictures of the kids for me on Wednesday. We are house sitting for my mom, so these were taken in her garden.
Here is Buster age 7 2nd Grade

Buttercup age 2.5 tot school

Sweetpea age 4.75 Kindergarten
We didn't get Buddy's pictures yet. I will post some soon.
The kids getting some required exercise time.

Buttercup drew this and told me it was a dolphin with a tail. Look at the blue marker.

Sweetpea is so into Bella Dancerella she has done it every day this week.

The girls had some fun lacing!

She figured it out.

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Chef Penny said...

Sounds like a great week and the pics are too adorable!

See Jamie blog said...

Looks like fun! Love the kids' photos. :)

Giggly Girls said...

They are just too cute! Love the little ballerina!

Jami said...

Beautiful shots of the kids in the garden!