Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I See Card's, Pyramath TOS Review!

Before going into this school year one of my goals was to make math more hands on and more fun. In an effort to do just that we have changed math curriculum and added in more manipulatives. My kids will do anything if they think it is a game. As you can imagine I was excited to be chosen for this review. Buster was excited too and couldn't wait to try out Pyramath by I See Cards. Pyramath is a card deck game with endless possibilities. The colorful and shiny deck of cards came with a booklet that explains all the ways that it can be used. It is perfect to practice all four main mathematics operations. +-*/. The basic game is a two player pyramid game in which one or more operations can be used at a time. You can also play war, or go fish(as my kids discovered on their own). One neat feature is that each card has the numbers printed so each player can see the number facing them from across the table. That really helps with not getting 9 and 6 confused. What I like most about Pyramath is that it is simple, fun, educational, it grows with your kids through their elementary years, and my kids enjoy it. I asked Buster what he thought about Pyramath and he said "It is cool, and really fun!" What more could you want in a learning game. The best news yet is that it is affordable and available from I See Cards for $6.95. Be sure and head over to their website and check out Pyramath as well as the three other card games they have for sale(Fractazmic, I See Cards, and Prime Bomb). You can also play Pyramath online!

Even daddy got in on the fun!

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As a member of the TOS home school crew, Pyramath was given to me free of charge from "I See Cards". In exchange for my honest review. No other form of compensation was given.

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Lisa said...

Cute pictures, my kids love the online game.