Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap up! Vacation

My husband is on vacation this week, so no actual school was done but we did have some fun. Went camping Sunday and Monday night at Harris Beach State park. It is on the southern Oregon coast and about 20 min from the Redwoods. We stayed in a yurt and it was really fun. Here are some pictures of our trip.

Buddy at the park!

Harris Beach! This beach was really neat.

Exploring the rock formations!

Collecting things the tide brought in.

All four crazies!

Eating sand.

Sweetpea flying!

Buttercup the artist!

Her finished work!

Buster the mountainclimber!

Jedediah Smith state park, California!

Looking for Ewoks!

The trees are amazing!

Buster went fisshing for the first time!

The Smith river!

Roughing it in the yurt!

On Wednesday we went to my sisters house to check out the harvest moon.

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Daisy said...

How fun! And staying in a yurt! That would be a blast. You were very near to where my hubby grew up (Grants Pass, OR). I love it up there.

Giggly Girls said...

Gorgeous vacation!

WildIris said...

Great photographs! Yurts are interesting living. Very cozy.

LadyJ said...

Timmy wants to know if Benny caught any fish. :)

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Oh wow, what beautiful pictures! Although I only lived there a few years, I miss the West Coast beaches. They have such beautiful rock formations and cliffs that you just can't find here on the East Coast.

Robyn said...

You are such a photographer! Beautiful photos! I love the first one of your littlest guy... the teeth are just great! Loved the ones of the kids in the tree too. Looks like you had a great time!

Karen said...

What gorgeous scenery! I so wish we had been able to vacation in California again this year. I crave tall trees, rocks and mountains!

Mandy in TN said...

Beautiful photos! what a great trip!

Tiff said...

That looks awesome! We missed out on the harvest moon due to heavy cloud cover. I was BUMMED...

Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

Oh what a fun vacation! Some of the photos are simply stunning, too. =)

Heidi said...

Great pictures! It looks like you had a fabulous time!

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