Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap up! HOD

This is how our weekend went at least for Sweetpea, and Buddy.
Aftert taking Monday off, we did our 5 day units in 4. Sweetpea finished unit 2 of LHFHG, and Buster finished unit 8 of BLHFHG.
Here are some highlights for each kid.
Buster: Learned about the Mayflower voyage, for math he is learning about measuring(which he thinks is really fun mainly because it is easier than adding/subtracting), we finished King Of The Wind, and Buster is reading George the Drummer Boy.
Sweetpea: She had a rough start on Tuesday, and wasn't very co-operative. Not getting to pick a story after Reading Made Easy did the trick though, and we had a great time Wed.-Fri. She is really warming up to Reddy Fox, and is having fun learning about Bible stories for History. We did a fun experiment with tinfoil boats, and once again the kids loved the rhyme in motion for the week. Her favorite part is when she gets to pick a story book after her Phonics lesson. Some of her favorites right now are: The Little House, The Story of Ferdinand, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Chicka Chicka ABC/123, The Very Hungry Catterpillar, Where the Wild Things Are(this is her favorite), and Harold and the Purple Crayon.
Having fun playing together.

Sweetpea is enjoying Talking Fingers!

We bought Wii fit on Friday, and Buster is enjoying it during breaks.

Hard at work copying his poem.

Sweetpea's craft.

Buster made the Mayflower!

Next week we will be starting Latin's Not So Tough Level 2 by Greek and Stuff! I'm really excited about it.
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All4HisGlory said...

When Taiah was K's age, she could quote Where the Wild Things Are, she had me read it so many times! She also loved Harold!

McMama said...

Sounds like a beautiful week with HOD!! Thanks for linking up!!!

Edwena said...

Love the Mayflower. Sounds like you all had an awesome time. We are loving Beyond as well.

Norah said...

Love the Mayflower too! I'll have to remember it for when we cover the pilgrims.

Tiff said...

We love our wii fit! Looks like you had a pretty good week.

TechWife said...

I was always afraid to let Rocket Boy see Harold and the Purple Crayon. I thought he might get ideas...

MissMOE said...

I love The Little House and Mike Mulligan. It's amazing that not reading is a "punishment!" LOL. Thanks for sharing your week.