Friday, October 8, 2010

Digital Frog! TOS Review

For our latest review we had the opportunity to check out the Digital Field Trip Series from Digital Frog. The disc we received is the home license version that contains all three field trips. The Wetlands, The Rain forest, and The Desert.

It is available from Digital frog for $125 dollars for a home license and $199 for a single classroom. Each field trip is a complete study of an ecosystem. Containing a 360 degree panoramic view of a real location. Students can scan the area, read and see info about plants, animals, geological formations, and watch short clips about plants and animals. The discs also contain go along workbooks and teacher manuals for each field trip. In my opinion the study is best suited for late elementary to junior high level. Younger students could also enjoy exploring some of the features. We were barely able to scratch the surface of this program in the time we had to review it. Buster enjoyed the Desert field trip the most and was excited to be able to find a scorpion in the panorama. The programs are a bit above his level, so I had to sit right by him and do a lot of the reading. Not that he can't read the words, but being a 7 year old boy would rather skip right through it to get to the pictures. I wish that it contained audio for the info and a bit more video footage. Also the workbooks are geared to older ages, so we did not do them yet. I did look through them and they look very thorough. The only other complaint I had was that the field trips did contain a bit of evolutionary material, which was not yet an issue for us since I was reading. I could really see how these field trips could be a fun and educational way to study ecosystems with your children.

The Wetlands

The Rain forest

The Desert


Visually appealing

Complete studies including workbooks


Covers a wide range of ages



Does contain evolutionary content

View screen seemed a bit small

Workbooks were hard to locate

Too much reading for younger students
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The Digital Field Trip Series

As part of the TOS Crew "The Digital Field Trip Series" was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.

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