Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up! HOD

Week 14:
 We had a very full week of school, house painting, swim lessons, and a field trip. 
Buster has been learning his multiples of 2, and by the end of the week had them all memorized. He really enjoyed reading Wagon Wheels, and even asked to read it sooner in the day than normal. He is continuing to use Talking fingers and made it to level 4. 
Sweetpea has been having fun with hands on math, and is doing great with her phonics lessons.
Buttercup has finally started to have potty training success, and hopefully will be trained soon. She is also enjoying her "Little Reader" program, and trying to learn along with Sweetpea.
Buddy is getting so big! He started taking steps this week, and will take up to 3-4 steps before sitting. Here are some of the things we did: 

Chili time!
Practicing their Kung Fu thanks to the new Karate Kid!
He figured out how to play the recorder!
Knocking towers down!
Playing 2's concentration!
The girls playing "Little Reader"
Making a clam, the Pilgrims ate clam soup!
Coloring Ruth!
My sister left her kids here for a bit, so I made cousin E read to the boys!
Pattern fun with cousin C!
Pumpkin Patch field trip with local homeschoolers!
All of my kids, and my sister's kids!
Buddy's first pumpkin!
Looking for the pumpkins!
Little Pumpkin!
300+ pounds of kids!
Corn Maze!

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LadyJ said...

Love the boys faces as they listen to Evangeline read. you can bet they just listened for a candy. :)

Mandy in TN said...

Love the photos- the chili, the karate kid stretching exercise, holding the baby while coloring, and lots of pumpkins. Great week!

Bright Sky Mom said...

What a fun week! The chili picture is the best!
Lee (5wolfcubs)

Guiding Light said...

GREAT pics! Also, I show you as following me on Google Friend Connect...I've changed where my blog is and would appreciate you following the new blog. It is Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Tiff said...

Looks so fun! I love the chili pic...

lyssa said...

We have a common 'follower' on our blogs, so I'm stopping by to say hi. :) There's nothing better than a punkin patch, except maybe a corn maze!
Melyssa from

Amber said...

Great pics! I enjoyed looking at them! I really like your blog backround!
Amber :-)