Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PG Key! TOS review

In this ever growing technical world it is more important than ever to protect our children from the potential dangers of the internet. As we all know the internet can be so very useful to us especially as home schoolers, but it can also be a very ugly place. My children are fairly young and there internet access is limited in that I do not allow them to surf, and I am always right by them when they use it. As Buster is getting older I have been thinking it was getting time to look into getting some sort of filtering program. I was excited to be chosen to review PG Key. PG Key is a small jump drive device that you plug right into an available USB port on any computer and install. I had my husband help me, but we found it quite easy to install. The program itself has many features that parents can control. Such as adding key words that you want to be notified of, and blocking particular sites. From the limited searching I tried with it I was not overly impressed with it's filtering, or content blocking ability especially with image searches. PG Key does offer their own safe search that does seem to filter better than Google. The notification feature, and the activity tracking seemed to work quite well. Some other features it offers is time allowance, and access control. With the time allowance you can set a daily time limit for your children, and with access control the PC will not work unless the key is inserted. You can also set the PG Key up so that it only works on the kids side, and the computer can be accessed without it by using a password. I can see how this product would work nicely with responsible teens who would be kept in line by knowing mom will be checking up on everything they view, and will be notified of suspicious activity. For young children like my own I would prefer a stronger filter and blocking program. It is just too easy to accidentally click on or find inappropriate content, and I would rather prevent than do damage control after the fact. "PG Key" costs $49.99+ $8.95 shipping, and has no annual fees. 

Price is reasonable
Easy to install, and use
Activity tracking is very thorough

Filtering and blocking did not meet my expectations

PG Key was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.

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