Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up!

Week 15 and 16:
We have had a couple of crazy weeks around here, and I did not get around to a weekly wrap up last week. Instead I'm combining the last two weeks into one post. School is going well, and Buster is really getting into his reading time. Today he actually read two days worth of Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express just because he didn't want to stop. He has been practicing multiples of 3, and has them all memorized. Buster will be finishing All About Spelling level 1 next week, and is making some progress with his spelling. Sweetpea turned 5 on the 31st, and is doing better with school. I have been doing my best to tweak our learning time to her needs, and it is working. I have loads of pictures to share with you all:

Guess who turned 5!
The kids were pretending this was a canoe!
Buster made a St. George's cross flag. The flag flown by English ships such as the Mayflower.
Look who's walking!

All that walking wore him out!

Math time! We are doing a ton of hands on work!
Guess who will be 1 on the 9th!
Sweetpea had a Peter Pan party on Sunday!

Our latest cake creation!

Little fairies!

Pinata time!
The party guests!
We made shadows on Monday!

We carved pumpkins

Pretending to be crows feeding Elijah!
Buster made his own ice cream!
Sweetpea loves her new skirt from grandma!
It is perfect for spinning!
Buttercup had to model to!

Stay tuned for buddies party pictures!

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Daisy said...

Oh my! All those pictures of your little ones are too cute. I love your little ballerinas. LOL.

Tristan said...

Lots of fun at your house in the last two weeks! I love when kids find a book they enjoy so much they just keep reading - it makes my day.

Samantha said...

Your little ones are adorable! When my youngest (now 9) was a baby, he had a little frog costume too! How cute!


;-) said...

Happy to see all your great pictures! Busy! Busy! And still another busy weekend. ;)

Karen said...

I enjoyed your recap in pictures! And the Peter Pan cake is fabulous :)

Mandy in TN said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetpea and Buddy!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Great Peter Pan cake! Costumes too!

Ian Matthews said...

They all look fantastic! Just a little comment: The flag Buster made is called the St George's Flag - the current English flag. All of the countries in the United Kingdom have their own flags (St George - English - Mine!; St Andrew - Scotland; Welsh Dragon and the Northern Irish flag). Most of them create the Union Flag (mistakenly known as the Union Jack, which is the shipping flag), and this is the one most people know.

We love the St George flag, and all of our countries love their own identity. You'll bring down the wrath of the Scots calling it British!!!!!!

Take care for this side of the pond!

Abbie said...

Ian Matthews, Yes I did know it was called St. George's Cross. Thanks for the clarification though on it's use. :)