Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving week! and the first day of Advent!

We had a very blessed Thanksgiving week, and I hope that you did too!

We started the week off by packing our shoe boxes. The kids had a blast doing these.
On Sunday we took Buster and Sweetpea to see the Nutcracker ballet. It was really fun, and fit in perfectly with our composer studies. On Tuesday we had our first snow of the year! It wasn't much, but the kids were very excited.
I could not get Buttercup to look at me.
The boys all bundled up!
We made turkey hand prints!

All week we practiced our Thanksgiving play, and on Wednesday we surprised daddy with it! Here are some of the costumes.

The Native Americans!
The Pilgrims!
We spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws, and it was a really nice day!

Buster reading to Buddy!
After helping decorate our Church on Saturday we had our pre-marriage counselors over for dinner. Something we had been planning to do for far to long. 
That evening we decorated our own tree!
The kids had so much fun!
Even Buddy helped.

The finished work!
I picked up some Lego's at Walmart on sale, and Sweetpea loves them.
Today we went to church, enjoyed the tree lighting downtown, and started our Advent season!

This year we are doing an Advent wreath as well as our usual Advent calendar. I was so excited that I found this wreath at Salvation Army a few weeks ago, and then I ordered the candles from CBD. For our Advent reading I bought Jotham's Journey . We began reading it tonight along with lighting the first purple candle.
Of course we had to have cookies and cocoa!
I decided to do a progressive Nativity, and tonight I set out Mary and the Angel.
Buttercup was very fascinated by them.
We have this set that the kids play with Little People Nativity.

Tomorrow it is back to our regular studies for 3 weeks and then Christmas break! I just got these math books from CBD (Essentials math a, and b), and I'm excited to start them next week. I wished I had ordered them at the beginning of the year. Book a is a bit easy, but she is going to love them. They are a great price for how thick they are, and they will be a great intro to Singapore math. I started typing up our Advent activity schedule this evening and I will post that soon also.

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Tiff said... do so much, Abbie...I'm flabbergasted. Not surprised...just amazed at how much you seem to get done.