Monday, November 15, 2010

Corps of Re-Discovery, Tomahawk Kit! TOS Review

When I told Buster that we would be receiving a Tomahawk kit in the mail to review he was super excited and could not wait for the mailman to bring it. A few days later when he found it on the porch he was anxious to make it, but being the mean mom that I am I made him wait until the next day to build it for school. We found the instructions very easy to follow, and quickly had it put together. I really like how the blade is made from leather instead of plastic. We have found it to be much softer on the walls and on little sisters. The only real problem we had was that after much play the blade came out, but with a bit of super glue my husband fixed that problem. You can purchase your own Tomahawk kit from Corps of Re-Discovery for $5.50 plus shipping, which I think is a great price. They also sell a bunch of other fun and educational craft kits covering topics such as; American Indian, Pioneer and Colonial, and Frontiersmen. We have been studying early American history this year, so the Tomahawk kit fit in perfectly with our studies.  


Could be dangerous
Might need a bit of glue for rowdy boys

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The Tomahawk Kit was given to me free of charge from Corps of Re-Discovery free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.


;-) said...

Wow, He looks fierce!
Looks cool.

Sheri said...

The super glue is a good idea. My son mostly admires his, but I am sure he will get into his Daniel Boone kick and go crazy with it soon enough. I will remember that glue if it has blade issues. Glad he is enjoying it!
Nice review!