Friday, November 12, 2010

Buddy is 1!

 It's Friday, and I should be posting a wrap up. For some reason I did not take any pictures of our school week, and nothing to eventful happened (other than Buster finishing All About Spelling Level 1, and going to the Veterans Day Parade). Instead of boring you with the details of school, I'm going to delight you with pictures of Buddy's birthday party. I still can not believe it has been one year since we brought home our precious boy. He is such a sweet little man, and he loves cuddles. I found out through this year how little sleep I can really function on ;). It all goes by way to fast and I would not change it for anything. So here are the pictures:

Buddy with his Monster Truck cake!

 Car Ramp!
 Birthday Boy!

 Cousins playing with cars on a track I made!

 Happy Birthday!
 He is such a dainty eater!
 Enough sugar mom!

 The best present!

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