Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Classical Academic Press! TOS Review.


Classical Academic Press is a company that sells curriculum for Latin, Greek, Spanish, French, Logic, Bible, and Poetry! Their Latin Series covers grades K-Highschool, and includes Song School Latin, Latin For Children, and Latin Alive. We were chosen to review their program called Song School Latin!
Song School Latin is intended for children K-3rd grade, and is to be an introduction to the study of Latin. Through the use of catchy songs, and a fun workbook; which includes lessons, stories, writing(very minimal), games, and cute illustrations, your child will learn over 100 Latin Vocabulary words. The workbook is broken down into 31 chapters, and is meant to be stretched out over a school year. Out of the 31 chapters there are 7 review chapters, so your child will not forget the previously learned words. The accompanying CD has 30 engaging songs and chants. Parents can choose between Classical, and Ecclesiastical pronunciations. You will find both on the CD, and an intro in the student book to describe the differences in pronunciation. My children all absolutely love the CD! In fact Buttercup often begs to hear it, and will break out in the Vale song any where we are. She recently sang Vale, Vale all the way through the grocery store! In the Teacher's Edition you will find an answer key, extra activities/worksheets, and the activity sheet answers. Classical Academic Press also sells a fun card game called Monkey Match that is to be used with Song School Latin. The cards are colorful, and contain English and Latin Words that can be used for matching, sorting, flash cards, and more. On the Classical Academic Press website you will find extra free resources, such as coloring sheets to be used with Song School Latin. They also offer a fun site called Headventure Land where you can find free online games for all of their language programs. Over all I was very pleased with this curriculum, and found it to be an excellent, and fun intro to the Latin Language! You can purchase the entire Song School Latin Bundle, which includes the student book, CD, Teacher's Edition, and Monkey Match, for $64.95. You can also purchase each element separately for $22.95(for the books), and $24.95(for Monkey Match). I personally feel that if money is an object you could get by just fine with only purchasing the the student book, which comes with the CD! Be sure and head over to the Classical Academic Press website and check out all they have to offer.

Song School Latin was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.

Easy to use, even for a teachers that has no background in Latin!

None come to my mind!

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Monica said...

My girls LOVED this program too! The vale song was a hit!

Jenni said...

Great review. We loved the program as well. Just stopping by from the crew to say hi!