Monday, April 4, 2011

GoGo Kabango! TOS Review!

GoGo Kabango is a fun interactive online game, and according to their website is "An online world of brain-boosting games for reading!" Buster and Sweetpea were both given the chance to try out GoGo Kabango. Once you register your child they are able to create their own character, and begin playing in any of the three different habitats; Galaxy Gardens, Twister Top, and Laughter Lake! Each habitat has several games to choose from that increase in difficulty as your child masters the skills taught. The games can be played independently as long as your child knows basic mousing skills. Here is a screen shot of the habitat choice screen: 

Kabongo map
After each game children earn special prizes that can be used in the tree house. Your child can return to the tree house at anytime to change their character, see and use their prizes, and play in the Kabango skate park.
Kabongo home
GoGo Kabango automatically sends progress updates to the email provided by the parent when they register their children. You can also check your childs progress at the Kabango website. Each habitat generally costs $4.95, but right now you can sign up for Galaxy Gardens, and Laughter Lake for free! GoGo Kabango is still in Beta, so it seemed to be a bit glitchy. I'm sure soon they will have all the kinks worked out though. Buster found the games to be pretty easy, and did not particularly enjoy the program. Sweetpea really enjoyed it, but I did not find it to be overly educational. The program seems to be geared more towards very early readers, and starts out working on letter recognition, sequencing, patterning, and basic phonics. It also works on a variety of other pre-reading skills which you can learn about here. On the site they recommend it for ages 4-7. If GoGo Kabango sounds interesting to you, head over to their site and sign up to try the free habitats! 

GoGo Kabango was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.


Not very educational

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Monica said...

My girls loved GoGo but found the many glitches aggrevating.