Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap up!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted one of these. We started back to school on the 2nd of January and school has been going reasonably well. Buster just finished unit 20 of Bigger Hearts and we have been having a great time learning about early US history and important historical figures. Sweetpea is in unit 9 of Beyond, and Buttercup is in unit 9 of Little Hands. I decided to put Drawn Into the Heart of Reading on hold for a little while and I just put all the books I want Buster to read before the end of 3rd grade in a bucket and am letting him choose what to read. He has really impressed me by reading 4 books in the last two weeks. Sweetpea is getting better at reading herself and is almost done with the third Christian Liberty press phonics reader. I just finished reading the 21 balloons to Sweetpea this week and she absolutely loved that book! Buster started basketball today and we will get back to swimming next month. Buttercup will be starting swim lessons too. For some reason I have not taken any pictures of school this month, so instead I will show you some pictures of the snow we had and you can see Buttercup's 4 year old pictures here. She will turn 4 on Thursday!
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Buddy didn't like the snow on his boots.
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Photobucket Photobucket
After this we had to come in for some hot cocoa and watch Martin's I have a Dream Speech!
Buddy loves his new boots from Grandma and Papa!
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These are utterly adorable pictures! :)

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Your children are so precious! Beautiful pics of the snow!


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Love all the hats!