Monday, April 9, 2007


Well we had a fun and busy weekend. After my sons soccer game we went to my sis inlaws house and we dyed eggs. The kids all had alot of fun. When we came home my husband did the ressurection eggs with the kids. My son really enjoyed that, and I think he is begining to grasp the story. On Sunday we gave the kids there Easter baskets. We got them each a small toy and a dvd, and we got them a childrens read along bible that came with a dvd. After that we had church. For lunch we went to my sisters house, and had an egg hunt with the kids from my family. Later in the afternoon we went to my in-laws and had another egg hunt.

Here is my baby girl tasting her eggs

My son is showing hubby how many eggs he found

Here is the kids in there Easter clothes

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Faerylandmom said...


Looks like you guys had a grand time! Makes me miss Oregon!