Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Real Mom

Well Tiff tagged me to do this so I'll give it a shot:

These are the things that came to my mind about being a real mom.

1. You can change a poopy diaper only using one diaper wipe(this always amazes my hubby)

2. You can recognize you kids cry even in a group of other kids

3. You have magic kisses that heal boo-boos

4. On the way to the store you can answer 100 questions that your kids are sure you have the answers to.

5. I'll have to go along with one of Tiff's. You can carry a baby and a diaper bag, as well as a few other things.(my hubby is in awe of that too)

6. You can nurse a infant while eating

7. You can tell your kids are getting in to mischief by how quite they are

1 comment:

Faerylandmom said...

Those are good ones...

Quiet usually = bad stuff happening, doesn't it?