Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Abbie

Thirteen places I would love to visit:

1. United Kingdom (My grandma was from England so I've always wanted to go there)
2. Isreal (I'd love to see the holy land)
3. New Zealand (Who wouldn't want to go to Middle Earth)
4. Auschwitz (that place would be so emotional for me)
5. Germany
6. France (I'd love to see the Louvre museum)
7. Italy
8. South Africa (I have wanted to visit Africa for a long time)
9. Washington D.C.
10. New York ( New York City, and Niagara Falls on both the US and Canadian sides)
11. Egypt (It would be really awesome to see the pyramids)
12. Pennsylvania (Lancaster county, Amish country)
13. Australia
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Nicholas said...

A great list. I've been to six of them already and I'd love to visit the other seven.

Retta said...

That is a great list!1 I haven't been to most of those places, except Pennsylvania, I'm from there! Been to Lancaster many times, you'll love it. Grab some fresh baked amish bread and pie, yummmmm! They have some great handmade items that are hard to resist too!

amy said...

I love lists like this..I too would like to visit Niagra Falls

kat said...

great list! I'd also like to visit New Zealand, Egypt, USA in general,... and just about the other places I've been too when I was too young to remember...

(Late) Happy TT!

Faerylandmom said...

DC is cool to visit, but try not to live there, k? And Amish country is AWESOME! The food is fantastic, and there are hitching posts everywhere for the buggies. Very cool.