Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Abbie

Thirteen things that puzzle me about LOST:
1….Why are there polar bears on a tropical island, and why have we only seen them a few times?
2. Where did the others come from?
3. Who in the world is the Darhma Initiative, and where did they go?
4. How and why do the others know all about the survivors?
5. Why does Jack trust Juliet?
6. How did Lock's dad come to the island and why?
7. What is the black smoke, and where does it come from?
8. Where did Michael really go?
9. Why are so many characters connected in there past?
10. Is this whole thing real or all in their heads?
11. Why does Desmond see the future, and who is he really?
12. Why do the others live on the island in the first place?
13. Why do I feel more LOST after watching every episode?

I have many others questions, but these are first I came up with :)

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Faerylandmom said...

LOL! It's all about the "magic box" that Ben told John Locke open it, and whatever you want most is there. The polar bears came from Walt's comic book. I don't know why yet, but hey, it's a start right? :)