Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekly Wrap up!

We just finished our third week of school! The kids are really enjoying themselves. 6 seems to be really the magic number for Buster. He is just learning so much faster this year, and really enjoying himself. Sweetpea started her Get ready for the code book, and there was no stopping her. She just wanted to keep doing pages. We were doing Ff this week. Buttercup wants to be in on all the action, and she loves to color.
Here is what a typical morning looks like around here. We start around 9 and do calander, phonics, and math. At 10:05 my husband comes home for lunch so the kid's get a break then.

After daddy goes back to work, and the kid's eat lunch we do read aloud time. Finally we finish off our time with differnt subjects each day. Monday: spelling, and Bible we read a bible story then Buster writes a verse in his bible journal. Tuesday: Handwriting, and then History with daddy. Wednesday: Spelling, Art, Music, poetry during reading time. Thursday: Story Journaling, Spanish, Geography, and Science with daddy. Right now we are just doing spelling tests on Friday's. Once September starts I will be adding more to our Friday schedule.

Today was my husband's birthday! The kid's made a birthday banner for him.

They insisted we make him a shark cake, so here is what we made. It is a little rougher than are typical cakes, but I only had a couple of hours.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Trick candles!

Finally blew them out with 3 helping.

That was pretty much our week!


AF Wife99 said...

That looks like so much fun! What a group of cuties. Thanks for sharing your week.

;-) said...

Love the cake and decorations. :) Looks like you are doing great school wise! Have you checked out We learned about meerkats and koalas yesterday.

Nicki said...

Looks like you have a fun school! And thanks for sharing the cute photos.

LadyJ said...

Your shark looks awesome and so much fun. Happy Birthday Bobu