Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up!

I can't believe we just finished week 10 of school! The kids are doing great, and we are having a lot of fun. This week was really wet, and my husband had a different schedule. We ended up doing quite a bit of school to keep the kids from going crazy.
Phonics/Reading: Buster went over long vowel sounds in Phonics Pathways. He is getting so much better and confident in his reading. Sweetpea practiced the letter P this week and she was excited to read(with a little help) cat sat on mat.
For read aloud time we have been reading bear books. Both of the kids loved the Berenstain Bears. I also started reading The World Of Pooh, as well as Blueberries for Sal, and Corduroy Bear. Sweetpea made a 5 little monkeys totbook. She loves that book, and can read it all on her own from memory.
Math: Buster continues to love math. He finished lesson 44 on Friday.
Sweetpea loves counting everything she sees, and is doing well with recognizing numbers.
Spelling/Handwriting: Buster has done great so far this year with spelling he loves taking his tests on He is actually trying to spell and write things on his own now. Copywork has really improved his handwriting.
Sweetpea is learning to write letters and numbers, and she can write quite a few now.
Science: Buster and daddy finished up chapter two of his land animals book. It was all about Canines. They had fun putting the different kinds of wild dogs on our map. I made a wild dog lapbook/notebook with Buster. They also started reading chapter three which is mainly about bears.
History: Buster learned about The Tower of Babel.
Art: We drew Grizzly Bears.
Music: The kids made some instruments. It was Busters idea.
Geography: We are reading tales from North America right now, and Buster learned about map keys.
Spanish: For spanish this week the kids watched a spanish learning show from the library. Right now I am just trying to introduce basic Spanish with them, and hope to buy something in the spring.
Grammar: We have not started any kind of formal grammer, but I want Buster to learn some basics. I had a little book here that is kind of like Mad Libs. We did a bunch of the stories this week and Buster thought they were hilarious. I'm hopeing to find some Mad Libs, so we can do more.

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