Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up!

We have made it through 12 weeks of school so far. I was feeling a lot better this week, so we got much more done. We are continuing to just plug away at our work, and the kids are doing great. Buster had a bit of an attitude problem on Monday, but having to skip skate church really set him right. We have one more week of school and then we are taking two weeks off to welcome baby number 4.
Sweetpea got to ride her birthday bike for the first time this week. We even braved the rain just so she could.

The kids were all spinning around poles. They had gotten a little couped up with all the rain, so it was nice to take them to the park twice this week.

Sweetpea wrote her name all by herself for the first time.

Then she wanted to try writing all of our names. Here is how she wrote mommy.

She turned 4 today, so we had a tea party with cupcakes. She wanted hot chocolate though.

Happy Birthday! We had her party last weekend.

We finally got around to our pumpkins.

Buster carving.

Sweetpea's pumpkin. I carved Cinderella on it for her.

Sweetpea's and Buttercup's pumpkins. Cinderella and Gus.

The girls watching the new TinkerBell Movie!

Buster's pumpkin. It has the dragon from Sleeping Beauty!
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Giggly Girls said...

Somebody has some pumpkin carving skills!! Wow!

LadyJ said...

Wait I wanna come to a tea/cocoa party. :)