Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up!

Weeks 8 and 9!
My husband is on vacation this week and things are starting to get really busy around here with activities starting up again. The kids started back to swim lessons after taking August off, co-op started back up last Thursday, and Buster decided he wanted to give Flag football a try. My husband and I know almost nothing about football so this will be interesting. Neither one of us are into watching sports except for the Olympics. For Co-op this fall we will be studying some Spanish and Learning about Colonial America. School is going well and we are all really getting into a nice groove with our schedule. This week the kids are getting a break though because we are doing some work around the house this week. I decided to give Buster a story problem to figure out on his own every morning and I am getting them out of the Singapore math Challenging word Problems books. Buster really enjoys trying to figure them out first thing when he gets up. Here is a basic run down of how our school days go in Pictures:

We start the day out with exercise! Using either GoTrybe, Praisemoves kids, or Wii Fit. After exercise the kids watch Speekee with breakfast.
Buster does his seat work with me first. Bible, Hymns, Math, Handwriting, Grammar, and Spelling/Dictation.
Here he is practicing his All About Spelling words.
Next Sweetpea does her seat work and Buster usually does some computer learning.
Sweetpea does Bible, Math, Handwriting, and Phonics. She Just started Reading Pathways and she loves reading the Pyramids. Here she is getting a bit of help from her dolls.
She loves building things with her math manipulatives.
Buttercup likes to do some seat work while Sweetpea is.
She did an excellent job coloring in her Rod and Staff book last week.
Buddy doesn't want to be left out so I usually give him some paper and crayons or some manipulatives to play with at the table.
When the kids are not doing school with me they are playing.
The girls could spend hours doing this, and they do!
After lunch Buddy goes to bed for a nap and Buttercup does her Little Hearts with me. Buster reads his DITHR book while we ware doing it and Sweetpea does some computer learning games.
Next I do read aloud time with Buster. We do one storytime book, History, Science, Poetry, and he finishes Drawn into the Heart of Reading. Sometimes I get him started on his project or notebooking while I read with Sweetpea. For her Read aloud time we do a storytime book, and a history reading. After this we finish Busters and Sweetpea projects for the day then Buster and I work on his Science. Once all of this is done we do one group thing per day. Monday is composer study, we read about a composer and then listen to some of his work. Tuesday is President/State Study, we read about one President and one State. Wednesday is Artist Study, right now we are reading through some of the Come and Look With me Books. The kids all gather around me, look at the pictures, and answer the questions. I picked up a neat artwork memory game that we play sometimes too. Thursday is Drawing, when we get to it I have the kids pick something to draw from Draw Write Now, or Draw and Write Through History. Friday is nature study, and when we get to it we just take the kids for a nature walk and bring the nature journals so they can draw what they want.
After school the kids play, and help with chores. They had a blast husking corn the other day.
Buddy got his toe bonked by the door and Buster decided to soak his foot when I was out of the room it was super cute!
Well that is a basic run down of our school days!
I hope everyone else is having a good school year as well!


Chef Penny said...

Bless you for getting lessons done when your husband is on vacation! We get nothing done when Dad is home. lol SOunds like a great week!

Abbie said...

We do not do school when my husband is on vacation. These pictures were taken the last two weeks! ;)

Samantha said...

I purchased the Draw, Write, Now books (the full set) the very first year I started homeschooling. Nine years later, we still pull them out and use them. They are wonderful books!


Sharla said...

I like your idea of doing one group activity per day. Sounds like it was a productive week!

Janet W said...

Great photos! I love how everyone gets involved in the morning exercises.