Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best day of school ever!

Buster informed me today after school that today was the best day of school ever. I asked him what made it so great. He said all of it and school really wasn't so bad. I have no idea what made this day more special than anyother, but I'm happy that he is enjoying himself. I have a suspicion that marshmallow igloos had something to do with it though ;) I bought him a subscription to Club House Jr. and he recieved his first article this week. They have a recipe section and one of them was for these cute igloos. You cut an apple in half and removed core, Lay on plate and cover skin with peanut butter, then cover with mini marshmallows. He was so excited to try this and it was a hit. Of course the ones in the magazine looked a little better. We are focusing this month on snowmen, mittens, and soon penguins. I also picked up some bingo daubers at Walmart yesterday and the kid's had a lot of fun with those.

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