Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Buttercup is 1!

Our sweet little Buttercup turned one on Monday! I can't believe how fast this past year went. She is such a blessing in our life. We had a party for her on Sunday and I will post pictures from that soon. On Monday she colored for the first time. It was really cute watching her. I gave her the crayon and showed her to draw and she would hit the paper with it and repeat "draw". The drawing last probably 10 minutes before she started trying to eat the crayons. Here are some pictures of her first drawing ;)


Faerylandmom said...

10 minutes before attempting consumption??? That's pretty dang good for a kiddo her size!

Yay, Buttercup!


chubbycheeks said...

She actually attempted to put them in her mouth a couple of times prior to that but I was able to stop her. I took them away when she bit the tip off of one ;)

LadyJ said...

So cute!