Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random stuff!

Here are a couple pics from school this week. The kid's have been doing great since the New Year. They have really been enjoying school and learning new things. Buster figured out counting by 2's this week. I tried to teach him last week, but he was sick. On Monday I wrote the number's 1-10 each on a piece of paper odd numbers on blue even on pink. I then layed them on the floor in a row. I told him to pretend he was a frog and hop from pink to pink and call out the numbers. He thought it was really fun, and when daddy came home he promptly counted from 2-10 by 2's. I finally mixed up a batch of Kool-aid playdoh and the kid's are really enjoying it. Look for more school pics on Monday for Tot School. Also I found a fun icberg project on one of the blogs I frequent? I was going to give a link but I can't find it now. Just have your kids pick out a small toy place inside a freezable container add water and blue food coloring. Freeze it and when it is done add it to you kid's bath and they can watch it melt. They really liked it.

We have had some sunny weather the last few days. It is still cold, but at least it is clear. We took the kid's to the park on Saturday and below are some pictures.

The girl's got new carseats!