Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Classical! TOS Review!

Are you interested in giving your kids a Classical education, but do not know how to go about planning it? If so you may be interested in Easy Classical. Easy classical sells History schedules for every period of history as well as complete curriculum packages. I was given the opportunity to download, and check out their Early Modern History schedule.This schedule takes you from Explorers to 1820. The Schedule is 106 pages and contains lesson plans for a 36 week school year, and book recommendations for History, Geography, Writing, Read alouds, and independent reading. You will also find supply lists,comprehension questions, quizzes, and drawing lessons, Easy Classical follows a classical education as layed out in the book The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer, and uses her books the Story of the World vols. 1-4. Early Modern History is written to be used with children in the grammar stage(K-5th), and can be used with multiple students of varying ages. You can purchase the schedule from Easy Classical for $35.95 as a notebook, or $29.95 as a download. You can also purchase all the books that go along with it directly from their website. 

Easy to Use
Multi Age
Reasonably priced

I felt like the product was more geared toward older elementary, and would need to be adjusted for younger kids.  
Need to add in Math, Science, Some language arts, and Bible.

I received The Early Modern History schedule free of charge from Easy Classical in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.  

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