Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tot School! Finally

Tot School

Buttercup is 35 months!
With the start of the New Year we finally got back to a devoted Tot time. We had been doing some things but they were pretty random, and not really planned out at all. This week we had a tot time/preschool time every day after lunch. Buttercup was very happy to have her own school time with mommy. Along with the activities below we had music, and story time with this book.

Lacing Beads were a big hit! It has been awhile since we tried these, and she was now able to do them on her own.

Coloring velvet pictures she got for Christmas!
We played Toy Story Domino, and Buttercup did very well!
Thinking about her next move!
Shape pictures!
Buttercup got to do finger prints!
A self portrait by Buttercup :)
Vacuuming for mommy!
I bought these soft fruits and veggies at Walmart on clearence.
 Buttercup loved the strawberry!
Buttercup's favorite thing right now is Speekee. She asks for it every day!


Giggly Girls said...

I wish I could get my tot to vacuum! Or at least stop dumping toys on the floor and then running away. LOL

Great week!

Tiff said...

Looks fun!

Jim said...

So happy Buttercup is loving Speekee - Jim (yes, the Jim in Speekee!)