Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap up! HOD

Week 23:
We made it through our 23rd week of this school year! I finished reading  "The Railway Children" to Buster last week, and this week we have been reading "If You Traveled West In a Covered Wagon". Buster finished Escape North thus week, and started reading a book about Martin Luther King Jr. We will finish it on Monday. Buster really enjoys reading books about true events, and they bring on some excellent conversations. Sweetpea got really excited about her math book this week, and did a ton of pages in it. She also did much better listening, and reading this week. For Tot School we had fun with Farm animals, and I will post pictures of that separate. On Wednesday night we went to church and heard from Aaron Auer who acting as Jason Lee is trying to revive Oregon's Christian heritage. Here is his website. The girls had fun in their class learning about Hannah, and Samuel. Buster and Sweetpea are both doing swim lessons again, and today Buster started Basketball. Last night Buster and Sweetpea had fun at cousin E's 10th birthday sleepover. Happy Birthday E! Next week I'm planning to start taking the kids to a co-op on Thursday afternoons. They will be studying the Oregon trail for a few months.

The girls made this on Sunday! I bought it on clearence.
Buster has been reading before bed, and he loves his book holder from Aunt B!
Buster made a canoe out of homemaid clay! We were learning about French settlers this week.

Buster's handwriting is really improving!
Sweetpea doing math!
Sweetpea was learning about Jesus healing the blind, and the importance of sight!

Buster learned about clouds!
Sweetpea painted a tree after learning about Zacchaeus!
Watercolor painting outside!
We got some new pets from a lady at my husbands work!
Sweetpea looks crazy for stick bugs!
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