Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up!

It is a new year and we just finished week 22 of our school year! It is always nice to start fresh in January with a less cluttered house, and a newly printed schedule. I also always feel motivated to set some new goals. This week of school has been awesome despite the three sick kids, some sleepless nights, and a couple of Dr. visits. For the new year I'm having the kids start each day out with some exercise(Buster especially needs it to keep him focused) followed by quiet Bible time. This year I really want to read the entire Bible, and so far have been following this schedule, and Buster is reading out of this Bible during his quiet time. The girls are watching this for now, since they can not read on their own. I also revamped our schedule and added a few things. One new addition is a special preschool time just for Buttercup. The other kids are welcome to join in and they usually do. Daddy has been able to get back to his science times as well.

We had a surprise Snowfall on New Years Eve!

Buster had a big snowball fight with the neighbors at 11:00pm! Snow melts so fast around here we didn't want to miss it.
Buddy's first snow!
He loved it.
Buttercup can't take the cold very long!
Getting ready to ring in the New Year!
Happy 2011!
Sweetpea made this creation with her Bendaroos!
So fun!
One other thing I added to the schedule was a daily chore time after school, and before free time!
Here is Buster, and Sweetpea having a great time washing dishes.
The girls adore Speekee, and beg to watch it daily!
Buster doing a bit of work on his bed!
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Robyn said...

Looks like a great week despite sickness! We were sick this week too. Fun snow picts! GL with your new routine sounds like it worked well this week!

Giggly Girls said...

Great week!

Hope everyone is feeling better.!

LadyJ said...

Wow I love those bendaroo people. That is so cute.

Sarah said...

Snow doesn't last too long here either so we're always trying to rush out before it's gone. Cute pictues. Hope all the sickness has left your house.