Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Math Mammoth! TOS Review!

I was given the choice of any one of the dozens of Math Mammoth PDF downloads for this review and I chose one from the Blue Series called Multiplication 1. This worktext is intended for grades 2-3 and covers all multiplication tables from 0-12. Multiplication 1 has 2 sections. In section 1 students are introduced to the concept of multiplication through repeated addition, illustrations, grouping, and number lines. The concepts of multiplying by zero, word problems, and order of operations are also taught. In section 2 Parents will find 2 pages of instructions on affective oral drilling and memorization skills(The author Maria Miller suggests doing 2 short drilling sessions in a day for optimal brain function.) After the instructions the multiplication tables 2-12 are taught and drilled. The tables are taught easiest to hardest instead of in order, and students will fill out a multiplication table as facts are mastered. At the end of this 99 page book you will find flash cards for all of the facts. Math Mammoth books are written as worktexts, so there is no separate teachers manual. All of the instructions are written directly to the student, so they can be done as independently as students are able and parents desire. Maria does have some video helps available at her website for parents and teachers.

PhotobucketMath Mammoth sells a multitude of math books for grades 1-6 including their Light Blue series(full grade curriculum), Blue Series(Single topic books for grades 1-6), Green Series(Single topic books for grades 3-7), Golden Series(Single topic books for grades 3-8), Make it real learning, and States by numbers. All of the books are available as a download, or in print from Lulu or Currclick. Multiplication 1 can be purchased as a download for $5.00, or in print for $9.20. If you get the download version you can print as many times as needed within your own family!

Buster was assigned to this review, and I chose this particular book to be used as supplementary practice. He has learned most of his multiplication tables already with our regular math curriculum, but it is always good to have extra practice and drill. Buster did not complain at all about doing this worktext. For the most part he found it easy to follow and understand on his own. I rarely had to explain it to him. The only sticky spot was the number lines. I am not a big fan of them and they tend to confuse Buster for some reason. One  other complaint I would have about the pages I have seen is that they are a bit crowded and not very pleasing to the eye. That is merely a cosmetic issue. The math instruction itself seems very solid and thorough. The best part about Math Mammoth is the price and I will most likely be looking into a few more of these worktexts in the future to be used as supplements!

Be sure to check out the Math Mammoth website for more info, and to request your 300 free sample pages! You can also contact Maria Miller, she is super helpful!

I received Multiplication 1 free of charge from Math Mammoth in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.

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