Monday, May 9, 2011

Monki See! TOS Review

We received a new baby learning DVD last month called Baby's First Words from Monki See! Baby's First Words is Volume 1 in a three part series of DVD's made by Monki See. Each DVD teaches babies to recognize and understand the meaning of common words. The DVD I received focuses on body parts, and other common words. Baby's First Words uses video, pictures, puppets, songs, and text to introduce babies to 40 different words. Each DVD is 30 minutes long, and the other two available are called All About Colors and All About Shapes. I was also sent one of their two books called Know Your Monkey, which has many of the words taught in it with silly pictures of the two monkey puppets, Skip and Howie. Baby's First Words is recommended for ages 3 months -2 years, and they recommend that you watch it frequently with your baby until they begin recognizing the words.

I can tell you that my 18 month old shows very little interest in TV, and wouldn't even look at it until we watched it this morning. Right now he is watching it pointing to his cheek and saying it along with the show. It is pretty stinking cute. My 3 year old on the other hand loves the show, and will sing along with it. We have not watched it daily, but have watched it several times together. As baby DVD goes it is well done and entertaining. As far as teaching reading well I really don't see that happening, but my definition of actual reading may be different than some. It is a fun way to introduce body parts and get little ones talking. The DVD also includes a parents guide that explain the DVD and how to use it. 

Monki See offers a full line of baby learning products including DVD's, Flash Cards, and books. You can visit their website to learn more, and see their complete catalog. Baby's First Words can be purchased for $24.95 normally but is on sale for $19.95. Know Your Monkey costs $11.95 normally but is on sale for $9.95.

Baby's First Words, and Know Your Monkey were given to me free of charge from Monki See in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given. 

Decent Price

Possible inappropriate use of TV for young children.
A bit long for the intended age, I recommend watching in segments.

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