Friday, May 20, 2011

Wordy Qwerty! TOS Review!

Last fall we were given the opportunity to review a program called Read Write and Type by Talking Fingers! That program turned out to be one of our favorites from this year with the Homeschool Crew. Buster really enjoyed it and when he completed it a few months ago he immediately asked if we could get the next level called Wordy Qwerty. I told hm I would think about it, so when the chance came for us to review Wordy Qwerty as well I jumped at it. Wordy Qwerty is similar to Read Write and Type in that it is a ton of fun, while learning to spell, and type this time. Wordy Qwerty is a bit more basic than Read Write and Type, and I think would not take as long to complete. When You sign in it is takes you to a game screen where your child can play a variety of games while the program takes him/her through multiple spelling rules. There is a total of 12 games, and 20 levels of spelling. You start out being able to play a few games at a time and as you progress through the program more and more games are unlocked.

As you can see in these screen shots there is a variety of games and ways to learn and apply the spelling rules. Such as choosing which spelling is right, popping balloons with correct spelling, filling in the missing words in a story, and more.

The biggest hit with Wordy Qwerty was the fun songs they use to teach the spelling rules. They are really catchy. Buster would be playing this at the table while Sweetpea was working on something else and they both would sing along. In fact the Jingles are so popular that they have made them available on CD, or by download on Itunes. You can here samples of them here!

You can also check out the scope and sequence of what your child will learn with Wordy Qwerty here. This program is designed for 2nd-4th graders who have finished a phonics program and are reading. Buster very much enjoyed it and I really like their approach to spelling because they teach the rules along with using repetition and practice in a fun way. Parents can also log in and to see their child's progress.

You can purchase Wordy Qwerty online or on a CD. The online price varies between $25-$71.25 depending on how many children it can be used for. The CD is $35 dollars but is not compatible with Windows 7. The Jingles CD is available for $10 dollars. You can also download a free demo of the product and if you do you will receive 20% off your purchase. To learn more visit Talking Fingers!

Wordy Qwerty was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given.

Easy to use.
Teaches the rules of spelling.
Catchy Jingles.

None that we saw.

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