Thursday, May 26, 2011


Buster is 7 and will turn 8 in July! He is going into 3rd grade this coming school year. If I could sum him up in a five phrases I would say he is fun, outgoing, inquisitive, active, and thoughtful of others.

Buster's favorites:

School subjects: Reading, and Science. He really enjoys being read to and reading himself especially if it is about history or adventure. He also loves nature and learning about it.

Color: Green

Book: Stone Fox

Sport: Basketball, Soccer, and Swimming

Activity: Playing outside

Game: Chess

TV Show: Swiss Family Robinson(cartoon)

Movie: Star Wars
Sweetpea is 5 and will turn 6 the end of October! Technically she will be in Kindergarten this coming year, but she will be working at a 1st grade level! If I could sum her up in a five phrases I would say she is playful, a deep thinker, energetic, smart, and tender.
Sweetpea's Favorites:

School Subjects: Math, Science, and Projects.

Color: Blue

Book: The Adventure's of Reddy Fox

Sport: Soccer and Swimming

Activity: Playing with her Barbie House

Game: Dominoes

TV Show: Swiss Family Robinson, and Little Women(both cartoons)

Movie: Tangled

Buttercup is 3 and her birthday is at the end of January! She will be doing preschool this coming year! To sum her up in five phrases I would say Buttercup is shy, whimsical, a silly heart, sweet, and sensitive.

Buttercup's Favorites:

School Subject: Drawing and painting.

Color: Purple

Book: Go Dogs Go

Sport: Soccer, Swimming

Activity: Coloring, Swinging.

Game: Candy Land

TV Show: Caillou, Swiss Family Robinson

Movie: Tangled

Buddy is 1 and will be 2 in November! He will be playing this coming school year and I will try my best to get him to do some Tot School things. To get to know Buddy in five phrases I would tell you he is cuddly, ornery, playful, shy, and full of fun.
Buddy's Favorites:

School Subject: Taking books off the shelf, and Playdoh.

Color: Not sure

Book: He seems to have a great fascination for Primary Language lessons, and Anne of Green gables. He is always pulling them off the shelf and carrying them around. Luckily he is quite gentle so far.

Sport: Kicking a ball

Activity: Playing, climbing, running, and swinging.

Game: Making a mess

TV Show: He has no interest in TV

Movie: Same as above
My two sons!
and my two daughters!
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Briana said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for introducing your students. Toddlers in the homeschool can be challenging but remind us to laugh and have fun!

LadyJ said...

Took me a bit to get them to sit still for a pic but I did it. hehehe Your pics are so nice I bet the kids were enjoying the sunshine.

Tiff said...

Your kids are so beautiful...and I forgot to do my "Who" post. Oopsie.

ptmom said...

Your kids are beautiful! What a nice idea you had. I am always looking for new blogs to read. Thanks!

Rachel said...

I love your pics! Your kids are so cute. I finally got my post up. Thanks for doing the blog hop.

April said...

What a precious family. Great photographs, too. I have a little girl who will be six in October, too. Maybe they could be penpals?

fixedonHIM said...

How sweet! Have a wonderful year together!

KarenW said...

Buster reminds me of my son when he was 8. :) Sweet pictures. Have a blessed year!