Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Award!

I just got my very first Blog Award!
Thank You Gabriele from Cheeky Monkey Preschool
With blog awards come some 'rules':
Rules:1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!
I would like to nominate:
Be sure to check out these blogs there all great!


Katie said...

Aw...I'm blushing! Thank you so much that was really sweet of you. I appreciate it a lot. I'll pass it on later this week along with another one I recently got. Thanks Again!

PS: Even thought it's after St. Patty's Day, do you mind if I snag that picture of your son working on his sticker math book in the post below this one? I'll use the one without him looking at the camera. I'd like to share it and feature it on my other blog in an upcoming addition math post. You can see how we feature activities by coming by the blog:

Please let me know, I have an email button on Katie's Nesting Spot or you can leave it in a comment over there.

;-) said...

Hey, That is pretty cool! I agree, you should get one. You do a great job!
How is everyone feeling today? I sure hope you are all doing well.

Sarah said...

Very nice! And now you have your second blog award. I love your creativity!

Katie said...

Hi thanks for getting back to me about the feature, if it's okay with you'll I just right click and save it and then upload into the post. Thanks for offering to email it to me!

chubbycheeks said...

That's fine whatever works ;)

jennwa said...

Thank you so much for the award. It is so sweet you thought of me.

Valerie said...

congrats! Those are some of my favorite sites too!