Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tot School 10!

Tot School

"Sweetpea is 40 months, Buttercup is 13 months"
We had quite a few interuptions this week. With MOPS and visitors, but we did manage to get some good playing/learning time in. I found a few new tools/toys last weekend at a garage sale and Salvation Army. Buttercup really got into totschool this week, so there are actually quite a few pictures of her.
She really likes these stacking cups

I found I big bucket of lacing cards and beads for .50

More stacking


I found this magnent set at Salvation Army.


Making a rainbow! She did so well coloring this.

You can never have enough glitter!

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Keri said...

it looks like your kids are having a great time learning with their new toys! i read your post over at totally tots- darling rainbows! my daughter and i are learning about st patricks day and rainbows next week and so i appreciate the ideas!!