Friday, March 13, 2009

A couple of crafts!

The kid's and I had a really fun week studying rainbows and St. Patrick. Here are a couple crafts we did. I originally got the idea for this craft from the Crafty Crow, but they used Crepe paper. I didn't have enough colors of that around, and being the cheap skate that I am I decided to use construction paper instead. I just cut strips of construction paper in rainbow colors. I also Drew clouds on white cardstock and cut them out.

The kids glued the strips onto the clouds:

Then they glued cotton balls onto the cloud.

The finished product. I think they are very cute ;)
Another craft we did was sunshines. I saw this idea on no time for flashcards a couple of months ago. The kids painted a paper plate yellow and added glitter of course. After the plates dried I traced their hands onto yellow construction paper. I cut them out and the kids glued them to the back of the plate.

The kids painted these shamrocks green.

Then we wrote Father, Son, Holy spirit to show how St. Patrick taught the Irish about the trinity.

I will post a tot school/K roundup post in a few days to show you what else we did.


MoziEsmé said...

Those are gorgeous rainbows!

;-) said...

What fun! Great ideas! They turned out really well. I like the sunshines. :)

jennwa said...

All of them are great projects. The sun is great for even the littlest crafter.

Thanks for linking, have a great weekend.

Sarah said...

Nice Trinity tie-in to the shamrock! Thanks for linking to Kid friendly Friday!

Jolene said...

iM TOTALLY COPYING YOU FOR sT PATTYS DAY (TODAY!). uP EARLY PREPARING! tHANKS SO MUCH! i PLANNED OUR MENU EARLIER..Green eggs and toast, green egg salad for lunch and for dinner...Potato soup with green salad! Have fun today!